Results in 4 Weeks? YES!

It has been exciting to watch our members get results from our outdoor bootcamp program month after month, season after season, and it continues to be our pleasure to bring members the best of our education and ingenuity. Here are a few testimonials and notes of thanks we’ve received from our members.

“I’ve completed 10 workouts so far and am already down 2 inches in my belly and 8 pounds. The combination of core exercises and Kimae’s nutrition coaching got me back on track after the holidays. Five more workouts to go in this session and then I’m signing up again.”
-Lauri T.



“My marathon time decreased by ten minutes this season and I am faster and slimmer than I was at the start of the summer. Thanks for keeping up on current trends Kimae. Without your knowledge I never would have known that RUNNING BURNS BELLY FAT!”
-P. Parker

“THIS is the workout to keep me motivated to exercise everyday. I show up, I get my booty kicked and I get the results I need! The early morning class time gets my fitness out of the way early and keeps my day on track too.”
-Sue B.

“My strength has drastically improved, and I LOVE the fact that I am more toned! I had many back issues before attending Kimae’s program, and now that my muscle strength has increased, the back pain is gone….YAY!!”
-Shay S.

“I just wanted to thank you again for these last 4 weeks. I feel stronger than I have since having kids, and it’s amazing how quickly it happened. I’m also into jeans that haven’t fit in ages. I’m just amazed at how effective your workouts are.”

-P. Patel

“The jeans fit! I’ve been trying since fall to drop 10 pounds on my own… four weeks taking this motivating outdoor class and my skinny jeans fit. You got to LOVE that!”
-Amy J.


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