Expect precisely planned workouts each and every day

“Wow, that went by FAST!”. This is the greatest compliment we can get from our class goers after a crack-of-dawn workout, and we hear it a lot! We understand your time is a priority, so each of our daily morning classes is planned in advance and finely tuned for effectiveness. Our daily workout goal for you is what we call “In and Done!” Get in, get it done! At Power Lab, the outdoor fitness phenomenon is not a passing fad, but a passionate lifestyle for daily health, and our unique, addictive class style is proof of our passion.

Expect variety in our daily training approach

We know the best workout results come from using an ongoing variety of fitness challenges applied workout after workout; that’s Cross Training! When brief periods of intensity are combined with short periods of recovery, a process scientifically proven to break through fitness plateaus to provide greater results in less time; that’s Interval Training! At Power Lab, we take these 2 powerful training modalities and combine them with our own test group developed strength and resistance techniques to generate powerful workouts with a healthy dose of variety and fun skill building activities. In addition, expect the unexpected from our exclusive Power Lab class equipment and specialized props!
A day in the Power Lab life:

  • dynamic stretch warm-up
  • strength training using hand weights, body weight exercises, medicine balls, hover boards, core training balls and scooter platforms
  • partner drills for strength, cardio, eye-to-hand coordination and agility
  • speed, agility and plyometric training
  • Jump rope drills
  • core, core, core!
  • running is optional

Expect a true community environment with varying fitness levels

Whether you are already experiencing intensive workouts or are just getting back off the couch, Power Lab’s creative class approach and highly focused programs are designed to deliver results for all fitness levels. Through precisely planned workouts with a foundation in interval style cross-training techniques, each class goer is encouraged to excel beyond her current level of fitness. It is our unique application of these results proven training techniques that quickly build and invite a feeling of community in each of our classes.

Expect supportive and healthy weight loss or easy weight management

Our daily outdoor fitness classes target those areas women are concerned with most: belly, buns, thighs, arms and weight control! You can start to see your results in just two weeks as our optional nutrition coaching service guides you gently toward further slimming with nutritional information geared toward changing a woman’s fatty zones. Already happy with your current weight and looking to maintain? Each of our classes is designed with weight management in mind, presenting a high calorie burning class hour each and every day with a combo of cardio and metabolism boosting muscle work.

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