Classes meet Monday through Thursday at Greenlake Park in the north-end of Seattle.

While some of our exercises are standards of Boot Camp style training, like push-ups or jumping jacks, the bulk of our classes use a variety of standing and sitting exercises from different exercise modalities. Depending on the time of year, expect your fitness experience with us to include elements of the outdoor environment. During our free classes offered to members in spring and summer, we strive to get off the beaten path, using park trails, fallen logs and natural terrain to ramp up the variety of our outdoor workout format.

To be most effective at Boot Camp, you will need a basic yoga mat, a set of 5lb weights, a bottle of water and a towel.

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Once a participant has experienced any one of our sessions, she is free to “drop-in” to all future classes at a discounted rate. We offer returning members Drop-In Packages sold in bundles of 1 to 15 workouts, with a discount of up to $80 off the original four week program. For more information on the Drop-In Program provided for our returning members, see the Drop-In page.

No. Due to the educational process involved in our classes, participants must first attend a session with us to qualify for participation in the Drop-In Program.

Absolutely yes! The interval style training we use in our program is an excellent way to crosstrain for cardio endurance while building muscle necessary to support the knee joints during heightened activity.

Running in our Boot Camp program is completely optional. Whichever you choose, we created our program specifically to be effective for runners or walkers with running/walking comprising about 1/4 of our daily workout.

If a session is full, we will mark that session as “Class Full” on our online Calendar. If you do not see this, there are still spaces available.

While there are exceptions, our program works best for those who are 50 pounds or less above the healthy weight for their height and age. If your weight has created chronic pain in your knees, ankles or lower back, our program may not be a good fit for you. If you are unclear about your current fitness abilities, take our FitCheck test on the registration page to ensure you meet the basic criteria. Still have questions? Call us, 206-852-4427.

While our program is well suited for most, it does require a basic level of good health and physical mobility. Those with chronic illness, ongoing back problems or knee and ankle issues stemming from serious injury or repeated strain, may not be a good fit for our program regardless of previous fitness achievement. Because we take the safety and fitness success of our participants seriously, on rare occasions we do regret to decline enrollment due to the reasons outlined above.

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