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Kimae Dolan is a Certified Holistic Fitness Coach and Certified Group Trainer currently enrolled in continuing education programs with the CHEK institute and The American Council on Exercise.

“Growing up as a kid in Seattle, my parents made sure the outdoors were a huge part of my daily experience. Ski trips, swimming and weekend camping were staples of my family life, and those interests grew into surfing and trail running as an adult. With the life changes of my 30’s I began to gain weight, a lot of weight, and soon found myself topping out at over 200 pounds. With this rapid weight gain, my life as I had known it disappeared. No more bikini surf trips to Mexico, or trail running along the coast. Even backyard badminton was too much for my knees and joints to bear. All physical play screeched to a halt while my love of life, and self esteem, plummeted. For me, as for many women, this was a personal process I had to experience in order to re-imagine my beliefs about my body. When the time came to lose the weight it was terrifically hard to make such radical changes on my own, and during the process I would often fantasize about a community fitness program for overweight women that offered support and education without underestimating their abilities. As I progressed on my return back to mindful health, and became passionate about holistic fitness principles and fitness nutrition, I felt driven to create the fantasy fitness program I saw was missing in the local weight loss industry. So, back in 2007, I did! Since that time, my original program, Seattle Weight Loss Boot Camp, grew quickly to accommodate the fitness aspirations of Seattle’s more athletic women alongside the needs of those women new to daily fitness. This growing shift away from daily fitness as a means for weight loss, and toward a broader experience of daily fitness for lifelong health and grounding personal contentment, is what laid the foundation for the Power Lab community.”

Kimae Dolan
Director and Holistic Fitness Educator
Power Lab Fitness Seattle

power lab fitness creator and director Kimae Dolan

Power Lab Fitness Creator Kimae Dolan | Women’s Fitness

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